Monday, June 29, 2009


Found some place I want to shoot when I have real time! Who wants to come?

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Walkathon to nowhere really......

beautiful sunset, View from little Tokyo 

So I look up and what do I see? Toilets on the balconies... 
This ain't right! 

View from the floor behind MOCA.
John and I walked so much I was dragging myself
on the floor.. EWWWW! 

Look Honey, It's a Jackson Pollock

I felt so small! Oh so small, 
So I started dancing under this piece of art :)

I think this is a marigold, not sure. 
All I know is I like it!

and so we started our walk...

I love the blur of it all.

Man this tunnel is sure creepy when no one
is in it... 
Where did the people go?

So here we are, Saturday night. Uploading more pictures. Oh man, was this a day fun! I can't believe John and I walked so much! 
Lets see where did this day start... Oh, John came over to my house and we left to the Grand Central Market to get some Chinese food.
On our way back to the car I notice that the tunnel was closed so I ran towards it.
John wasn't to happy about this :) Shortly after his anger, we were both walked through the tunnel happy again, with full bellies :)
Sometime after walking through the tunnel and up some hill, we found ourselves at the MOCA! 
There I found a couple talking about a Jackson Pollock, I had to take a candid picture of them :) They looked like they were having the time of their life... not really...
Walked some more, found a retirement home/building with toilets on the balconies! 
and rats stealing some cats food! Poor poor kitty! 
Wait, why were there toilets on the balconies!?!
 Is this a trend I did not know of!?!?
Are people not a shamed of taking dumps in public?
OMG! when you're old, you just don't care where you go to the bathroom!!! Is that it??
I didn't seem not have gotten the memo!?!
After questioning the whole toilets on these balconies thing, 
we somehow ended up on Pershing Square, home to what seem like the elite bums of downtown LA. We witnessed a couple taking wedding pictures there and wondered "WHY?" **insert puzzled look here** 
Walked back to car and drove to Little Tokyo, our mission was to reshoot my bamboo fountain again. But the mission was a bust when we got there to late and the gates were close.. I sat there and shed a single tear. Then ran to see some kids beating each other up for fun... 
That my friend, was weird! 
Anyway- We then left to see if my little Headie was work at 
Johnny Rockets, but alas, she wasn't :(  
Oh man, then we walked more..
and more... 
and more...
then ate... 
then walked more...
damn, we sure walked a lot before getting back to car and calling it a day! 
Damn, writing about it made me tired all over again.
Until next time... 
stay cool....
I don't know how else to end this :) lol

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Purple and gold day!?!

everyone having fun with beach balls at the Laker Parade

 Rene's epic save!

Go Lakers!

The end of the beach ball

Today was an interesting day. It all started with Sam waking up way before me which is weird cuz I'm usually the one bugging Sam to wake up :) After a couple of minutes of Sam trying to wake me up, we made plans to meet at the subway station to make our way to the Laker parade. 

I've never really been to a HUGE celebration for a city  championship team. Seeing as the Lakers are pretty much the only ones who have won titles in the recent years, wait... and the Ducks! Stupid Dodgers!!! Hopefully soon the Dodgers will update their title :) I can't really call myself a Lakers fan, but I do have pride in our city teams. I'm not really a basketball fan, I'm more of a baseball fan, I love my Dodgers! Anyway- back to my story, I met sam, Nora and Rene on the subway.  MAN, I couldn't believe how many people were on their way to same place we were going! It was so exciting to see everyone wear purple and gold (yellow?) colors to support our city basketball team.  We ended getting off on 7th and figueroa, and made our way (along with what seemed like a million people) to the staple center. We got there around 10, and waited til about 1115 to watch the shortest parade i've attend  :) Watching how excited people can get over our little TV screens is nothing compared to living it. I can't say it was a waste of time cuz somehow it was tons fun. Maybe it was the beach balls keeping us entertain, or the people in trees/fences getting yelled at by the getto bird to get down :) I don't know, all I know is it was fun and I think I would do this again. Can't wait to celebrate the Dodgers victory at Elysian Park! Lets Go DODGERS!!