Saturday, August 29, 2009

Here we go again!

LA is on fire again! Our air quality is going to go from bad to worst! Ever time these fire happen I can help but to feel sad for the animals! Not so much for the humans... I feel bad for the homes they lose but not for the dumb ass people who refuse to leave and/or die in the fire, they use up the precious time the firemen have to fight a fire for there own stubbornness!
Here are some picture from my neighborhood...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I'm blessed to have you in my life..

I went to San Diego with the family I work with (its hard for me to call her my boss, she's really one of my great friends! So, I'll just call her Jay) for a couple of days and then headed to up to Downtown LA on the Amtrak to watch Green Day for the second time in my life! I had a blast in San Diego with Jay and the family! They treat me like a member of their family, and to this I have to say thank you :) I didn't take many pictures while in SD but I did take a pic of from our room. All I have to say is "LOVELY"! Now the train is a different story. I took so many pictures in the train! I Can't express how excited I was to ride a train! I've been on the subway but its nothing like riding the Amtrak train! I geeked out so bad, I started laughing at myself! LOL! Oh man, I'm such a nerd! Anyway- before I give you guys more ammo to make fun of me with, I'm just going to post my pix :) Laters!

Oh how i lovee thee...

Oh man was the Green Day concert fun! They played for three hours!!! AMAZING!!! I couldn't take my camera in but I got some pretty cool pictures from camera phone! I fought my way to get to the front :) but first, My buddy Mel and I almost got our asses beat by a 40 year old man and his wife cuz he said we pushed them... hmm mm... um... all I have to say to that is "IT WAS THE EFFING PIT!!! WHAT DO YOU EXPECTED!!!" People, please read the following carefully, if you want to enjoy a concert peacefully, do NOT buy pit tickets, buy front row sits! they cost as much as the pit tickets! Or buy the effing DVD when it comes out! UGH! It boils my blood when retards get all mad over stupid situations they get themselves in!
Any doo- after that little tiff, the rest of the show was great! Enjoy the photos!