Saturday, January 31, 2009

before AND after....


After hours and hours of being on photoshop, I finally did it!!! When I originally took this picture, Isai was way on the left side but I made the boys get closer...
**Le sigh**
Can you feel the artificial love?!?!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

VOILĂ€!!! I hope I spelled that right :)

I took this photo a while ago.... I want to say it was early spring of '08.... I can't remember. Eh, Oh well! I wanted to post this photo up cuz I've been experimenting with the movie-like effect on photoshop, and finally I'm pretty satisfied with the final outcome.  It looks pretty cool. I like it! But I think I'm going to play with this image a little more. Maybe a different effect. I'll post it when its done so you can see my wonderful creation(s). 

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


With my genius photography skills....AND photoshop skills I possess ... I made Isai explode!!! YAY!!! 
Next step, removing John's head and replacing it with one where he's smiling :)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

sunday sunDAY SUNDAY!!!

I was driving down Ventura when I snapped this shot of this lovely unfinished building. Honestly, It seems like its been unfinished for years.
I used my baby Nikon D40. I'm saving my pennies and dimes to buy the D80 :) 
One day my dream will come true :)

I guess....

Well, lets see... Where do I start!?!? Okay, I know, Why am I on Blogger? I told myself why not try something new, what do I have to lose!?! I hate yourspace and I'm just not quite sure of how i feel about facebook, soooooo I'm not touching them with a ten foot pole... So why blogger you may ask?!? Well its really my professors fault!  My professor thought it be a good idea for his students to have a blog to ask questions about his class but I never use it. So here stood my lonely blog with no blogging for over a year. 
At the being of the year I told myself I want to do something different for myself... not for you (lol) anydo- I want a place where I can upload my photos and just let my family and friends view what I'm up too. I'm not really an interesting person (though I've been told otherwise) but man I can't stand still for a minute and I could walk for what seems like forever and this is where my love for photography starts. So really my blog will be more for posting my photos cuz I'm not really into writing. Maybe later on I'll write more or maybe less :)
but as of right now, here's my first post....