Sunday, April 26, 2009

it was a SURPRISE party for me... and I thought you hated me...

Two monkies in Love :)

Hey hey Headie, whatcha trying to say to me!?!?

Watch out Isai!! I think your burger wants to EAT YOU!!!

Hello! My name is Maggie and I'm 30!!!
LMAO!! Thanks Denise!

Behold: My girls!! But my littlest Headie is missing :(

boys will be boys!!! 

Tis the headies, minus one little headie!!!

I don't know where to start... okay, I know THANK YOU GUYS for making my birthday so special, and thanks to all who showed up! You made my 27th... I mean 30th birthday so memorable. I knew you guys were up to something but I completely spaced due too unfortunate events (I'm sorry lovee!) :(  
Anydo- Thank you all for EVERYTHING!!! 
Albert, Denise, Mel, Kavita and Johnnie cakes you guys are the best!
To all my friends: Love you guys TONS! XOXO!!!
All you guys make me so happy my little black heart explodes with joy!!! 
Once again, thank you all who came to my surprise party.
You guys are the BEST!!!

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