Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hey Shakespeare, itsa my birthday too!!!

So here I am celebrating my 27th year on this planet we call Earth THANKS MOM!! :) Man, today was great! I've been awake pretty much the whole day, I only slept like 4 hours. But still
it was awesome! It all started with a great adventure with my friend Mel at 3 in the morning and woke up the whole neighborhood!! I heard from all my friends today and what was even 
better was I heard from long lost friends. Hopefully they wont stay lost long :)

Oh man, oh man... I do have to admit that even though today was wonderful my heart is sad for two reason. One because my boyfriends Grandmother passed away on monday April 20, 2009, 
and the second is My boyfriend and his sadness :( I wish I could just hug it out him and tell him everything is going to be okay. But I know mourning is a process we go through and have to go 
through to understand and value life and the people from past and present. 
Nny, I know you're going to be okay, I'll hold your hand :)
and whatever it takes to make you feel better.
I Love You and I'm always here for you Love <3

Even though my boyfriend is going through a tough time right now, he had a major part in making my burfday special. Thank you Honey for feeding my bottomless belly ;)
Lets see... I can't start naming off all my friends to say my thank yous, cuz there are too many of yous and I'm bound to forget one and then I'm going to feel bad. BUT I will say this, from all the
gifts I got today, and some during the week, I have to say my favorite one is the love all my friends gave me... You guys sure know how to make me smile :)
Until next time...
Later days <3

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