Monday, October 5, 2009

Who says you can't be a photographer with a camera phone??

So here we go again! Another year, another fair! I what can I say about that place.... I LOVE IT!! The shows, the food, the people, the animals... the over all environment! I love the fact I can pet most of the animals with no restrictions! This years county fair was Awesome! Not only did I get to pet a cow but she licked me! It was gross! But I loved every minute of it! I felt like she was saying "Hey Maggot! Thanks for not eating my kind!" I love bovine! I'm suck a geek when it comes to them! I also got to pet a baby buffalo! Sweet!! Anyway- John and I both agreed that it seemed like this years fair was way better then the past years. It seemed like they had more things to see. All though I didn't find the Millard Sheets Gallery! Maybe I didn't see it cuz i was to busy climbing walls/fences, jumping, running away from dinosaurs, eating honey to find it. Anydo- Next year I will enter it again and have my photo hung for all of you too see it once again!

I found my favorite spot :) this place has all the honey I can eat for a year!!!

John's CHICKEN!!!

So proud of her eggs!

It is great being a California cow!

Can't go wrong with a fat little guy

I love kisses <3

John and Maggie Bunny LMAO!!
too bad I'm allergic to bunnies

does anyone else feel a draft?

this is she! The cow who licked me :)
isn't she cute!

I feel in love with this little cowboy... wait, I mean cowcow
I wish I could've driven it

I love cows!

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Alberto Hernandez Jr said...

Your allergic to bunnies???