Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I'm blessed to have you in my life..

I went to San Diego with the family I work with (its hard for me to call her my boss, she's really one of my great friends! So, I'll just call her Jay) for a couple of days and then headed to up to Downtown LA on the Amtrak to watch Green Day for the second time in my life! I had a blast in San Diego with Jay and the family! They treat me like a member of their family, and to this I have to say thank you :) I didn't take many pictures while in SD but I did take a pic of from our room. All I have to say is "LOVELY"! Now the train is a different story. I took so many pictures in the train! I Can't express how excited I was to ride a train! I've been on the subway but its nothing like riding the Amtrak train! I geeked out so bad, I started laughing at myself! LOL! Oh man, I'm such a nerd! Anyway- before I give you guys more ammo to make fun of me with, I'm just going to post my pix :) Laters!

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