Saturday, May 16, 2009

Little Tokyo... Oh how I love thee...

John and I being tourist in Little Tokyo

Ask John to hold your camera and he will most likely shoot you!!!

Walking by a store and this is what I see!?!?! 
Dove รจ il resto della macchina? 

reasons why I love this photo... Cuz I'm in it! LOL!

Little Tokyo wouldn't be complete without a water fall :)

bamboo + water + camera = photo!!!
Damn, I love this photo!

Just in case you wanted a closer look at the water fall :)

It's just so pretty 

As she walks away...
So our saturday beings when I asked John if we could visit my lovely Mistress Dena Dee.
John gladly agrees too... And that's how we end up in Little Tokyo.
This little town is so lovely, its full of sushi bars and random ass shops.
  I got to hang out with my boyfriend and ate at Johnny Rockets. That's where my little Dena works. I love that kid!!! 
OH YEAH!!! I almost forgot the best part of the trip!!!
 I got to take some great pictures while we were there! 
Ahhhh... I love shooting stuff... I can't express how much I enjoy photographing stuff!
Maybe one day, I'll have the pleasure of shooting you <3
Goodnight all!!


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Samuel said...

Mag! Photos look amazing, as always. When we going to shoot? My Leica is doing to kill! Little Tokyo aye? Did you go to American apparel? They had a rummage sale which is cool cuz there shit is costly!